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P01: Metallic White Gold Altar Parament - Agnus De
Metallic White Gold - Altar Parament (Super Frontal) - Agnus Dei
Product Code :  AP_P01_0GO_B12C_AD1
Price                :  $44.99
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Product Details

This Altar Parament - Super frontal is made to order. It will take 4-6 days to get this ready before shipping.

The Altar Parament - is made of Brocade fabric with Cross Designs - and richly embroidered with wheat and grapes designs in multiple colours. The frontal comes with a 3 inch extra satin fabric on the top to pin it to the Altar Frontal. The height of the Parament is 14 inches including the 2 inch fringes at the bottom.

Please select the size as per your altar length. i.e if the altar is 4.5 ft, please select 5 ft. We can custom make the parament for the altar size. Also if you would like to have velcro instead of 3 inch extra fabric on the top, we can do that at no extra cost. Or if you would like to have them with 2 inch pocket on the top, that can also be done. Please email us as soon as you make the payment for any custom changes.

Altar Paraments Parement; (from Late Latin paramentum, adornment, parare, to prepare, equip), is a liturgical hangings on and around the altar, as well as the cloths hanging from the pulpit and lectern. In many usages, it is synonymous with altar cloth.
In most Christian churches using paraments (including Roman Catholic and a wide variety of Protestant denominations), the liturgical paraments change in color depending on the season of the church year - colour matching the vestments

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