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Brass Candle Snuffer - 18 inches Gold Tone

Gold Tone - Brass Candle Snuffer with handle

Product Code :  CSN_CP_GT_M02
Price                :  $14.99
Product Details

This is a handmade candle snuffer, made in brass and brass polished
Call it traditionally or liturgically, candles are not to be blown off, which is not the senario in todays world and we can be see that candles are blown off more common now because of the ease with which they can be done. With our aim to revive tradition, we offer you the candle snuffer at affordable price. The candle snuffer comes with a detachable handle and measures 18 inches from end to end including the handle. This measures only about 200 grams and can be stored convinently.
Please read below for additional specification.

  • Material - Brass
  • Finishing - Brass Polished to give a Gold Tone look
  • Rustproof - Brass does not rust

Candle Snuffers: is an instrument used to extinguish burning candles.This may be either a (candle)snuffer (a scissor-like device with two flat blades) or an extinguisher (a small cone at the end of a handle)

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