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White Dalmatic with Coronation Tapestry

White - Deacon Dalmatic & Deacon Stole with Coronation Tapestry

Product Code :  DVS_D31_5W_F21_MMD_M02
Price                :  $139.99
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Product Details

This Dalmatic set is made of damask fabric with cross designs and the orphreys are made of 4 inch coronation tapestry. The dalmatic comes with a matching deacon stole stole.

Set Includes

  • Dalmatic
  • Deacon Stole

LINING: The Dalmatics are available as lined and unlined.

  • UNLINED: There is no lining for the Dalmatic and this makes it lighter compared to the lined ones. This is best recommended in warm - hot climatic areas.
  • LINED: The interior of the Dalmatic is lined with matching Fabric.

SIZE: This Dalmatic can be made as per your size details. The default size is Regular. After you place the order, you can go into order summary page in my accounts and click customise button and update the size details. Or, you can send us an email with order number and size details and we will update the custom details for you. The default size is Regular and you need not send any email for Regular Size.

Deacon Height (in ft & inches)
Size of Dalmatic
5 ft 2 inches - 5 ft 4 inches
S - Small
5 ft 5 inches - 5 ft 7 inches
M - Medium
5 ft 8 inches - 5 ft 10 inches
R - Regular
5 ft 11 inches - 6 ft 0 inches
L - Large
6 ft 1 inches - 6 ft 3 inches
XL - Extra Large
6 ft 3 inches - 6 ft 6 inches
XXL - Extra Extra Large

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