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Our Lady of Guadalupe Embroidery Appliques

Our Lady Of Guadalupe Embroidery Appliques / Motifs

Product Code :  MOT_D700_MC_OLG
Price                :  $17.49
Available In  :
Product Details

This is Comes Multi Color thread Embroidery Appliques / Motifs. Embroidered on Plain White Polyester Fabric. Our Lady of Guadalupe Patch is a easy way to decorate your fabric. It can be sewed on your Chasuble and any other Fabrics.

Appliques Height & Width
Height 6 inch - Width 3 inch
Height 8 inch - Width 4 inch
Height 10 inch - Width 5 inch
Height 12 inch - Width 6 inch
Height 18 inch - Width 9 inch
Height 24 inch - Width 12 inch
Height 30 inch - Width 15 inch
Height 36 inch - Width 18 inch

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