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Choir Scapular - White Silk

White Choir Scapular - Silk

Product Code :  SCA_D101_5W_FS
Price                :  $12.99
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Product Details

This choir scapular is made of Silk Fabric. The fabric is light weight, professionally finished and does not require any lining. The Standard Size is 48 inches long and the shoulders are tapered to have a perfect seating and comfortable wear. The width at the top measures 16 inches and it tapers down till chest level in a curve to go straight down. The width at the bottom is 12 inches. This Silk Scapular is pretreated for easy machine wash and warm iron.

There is no extra cost for custom sizing. You can choose the size from 40 inches - 56 inches. Our Regular size is 48 inches.

Please Note: This is not a monastic Scapular for monks and nuns. Monastic scapulars needs to be a bit heavier so they are normally lined and made in polyester fabric. Please contact us for Monastic Scapulars.

Choir Scapular is a wide band of material, with an opening for the head. It forms part of the regular monastic habit for many religious orders. It is typically worn over a cassock or other similar garment. In some churches, a scapular is worn by servers or members of the choir. (source:

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