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White Gold Tunicle & Maniple Set - Rose Embroidery

Metallic White Gold Sub-Deacon Tunicle & Maniple Set - Floral Rose Embroidery

Product Code :  TVS_D25_0GO_RO
Price                :  $229.99
Product Details

This is a Roman Model Tunicle with Sleeves open. The Tunic is made with a size template of a 12th century dalmatic. The front neck of the tunic is round cut while the back is square cut as in the traditional models. This tunicle is neither too wide nor too narrow and seems to be a perfect size. The embroidery on the tunicle is to match the Chasuble Set - D25 model with richly embroidered Floral designs.

The material of the garments is made of brocade fabric and the designs are fully hand embroidered with different shades of metallic gold yarn. The tunicle comes with a matching maniple. The interior of the tunicle is lined with matching Satin Fabric.


  • Height of the Tunicle: 42 inches
  • Maniple: 19 inches (38 inches from end to end)

The Tunicle is the outer liturgical vestment of the sub deacon. It is worn at Mass and at solemn processions and benedictions. The colour of the tunicle should be the same as the chasuble the priest wears as per the liturgical colour of the day. As per the liturgical order, the Tunicle should be less ornate than the dalmatic and comes with only one horizontal band on the top near the neck. (source:

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