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8 x 10 inch Silver Plated Tabernacle

Altar Tabernacle - Chalice Design

Product Code :  TAB_T02_ST_CH_M05_8X10
Price                :  $1199.99
Product Details

Elevate your place of worship with this beautifully crafted tabernacle, designed to embody both sacred tradition and exquisite craftsmanship. The tabernacle is made of brass and silver-plated, providing a radiant and sacred focal point.

The rectangular door comes with a secure key and lock mechanism, ensuring the safety of the consecrated hosts while allowing for easy access when needed and is adorned with symbolic designs including a chalice, host with IHS and grapes, representing the elements of the Eucharist. The designs are made of brass and 24ct gold-plated. The main structure or housing of the tabernacle is made is constructed from durable mild steel and powder-coated for long-lasting protection and elegance.

Usage: The tabernacle can be placed on the altar.

The tabernacle is securely packed in a wooden crate.


1. Front Panel

  • Height – 10 inches
  • Width – 8 inches

2. Body

  • Height – 10 inches
  • Width – 8 inches
  • Depth – 8 inches

3. Usage weight – 7.8 kg

4. Shipping weight – 12.8 kg

5. Manufacturing time - 6 to 8 weeks

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